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College of Education and Health Professions

College of Education and Health Professions

Tk20 for Faculty

What is the primary role of faculty in Tk20?

Faculty are the primarily responsible for interacting with students and conducting assessments in Tk20.  Faculty will send assignments to students, set up links between TK20 and D2L, and complete observations.  Faculty can also be assigned as assessors for student portfolios and field experience binders.

Faculty Training

  • Faculty Training Guide (v1.3)
  • Training Schedule -- email to sign up for training sessions
    • New Faculty Training -TBD

Faculty Tutorials and Resources

Faculty Qualifications

Program Coordinator Tutorials

Program coordinators can do everything faculty can do but also will set up assignments, portfolios, and run reports in Tk20.   Program coordinators also configure rubrics for data collection and load standards and outcomes associated with their programs.