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Columbus State University is transitioning from LiveText to Tk20.

What is Tk20?

Tk20 is a repository for university data that are collected for various purposes; such as, demonstrating the quality of our academic programs, improving teaching and learning, and compiling data for national, state, and local reporting.  Tk20 facilitates the performance assessment and field placement processes and provides a tool for candidates to document their development, competencies, accomplishments, and progression through their preparation program.

Tk20 is also great for students, as they can build course and performance artifacts electronically online in a portfolio that stays with them for years - up to 7 years. This is a great benefit for those seeking employment or wanting to further their educational advancement.

Students needing to purchase Tk20 may find the following information useful:

  • The one-time cost is $149.50 at the campus bookstore or $110 if purchased directly through Tk20.
  • Financial aid may pay for the account if purchased through the bookstore.
  • Tk20 allows for 2-3 business days to activate the account after the account has been registered on  CSU’s TK20 page .
  • Student accounts are active for seven (7) years.

Tk20 Resources, Tutorials, and Instructions

Roles in Tk20 provide very different user experiences.  Resources are provided below for different groups of people that may be looking for specific help.  For more general information, you can always use the documents found at Tk20's helpdesk site.  Columbus State uses version Tk20 version 8 (aka Graphite).

Tk20 Support Contact Information

Thomas Dailey
Tk20/Electronic Assessment Coordinator

During business hours, if the coordinator is unavailable and you have an urgent issue, you may contact 706-507-8500 for support.  Contacting is usually the quickest way to reach someone who can help.