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The vision of the College of Education and Health Professions is to prepare highly qualified professionals and leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to increase the quality of life in the community by improving P-12 student learning and professional health care.

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Tk20 Resources and Information

How to Purchase and Log into Tk20

Use the buttons below to purchase your Tk20 account or to login to Tk20.

Click to Purchase your Tk20 Account

Students must purchase Tk20 before logging in. If you attempt to log in without purchasing, you will get an error message. Once purchased through the above link, it may take between 24 and 72 hours to activate. Please plan for this delay. If you need to purchase Tk20 through the bookstore, they will give you an activate code and you can use it by going to the same purchase link.  If you have questions about Tk20 accounts, check the Tk20 FAQ page.

Click to Log into Tk20

Use this link to log into Tk20 through CSU's Single Sign On (SSO) service (OneCSU). This page will use your OneCSU username in the following format and CSU password. If you are already logged into OneCSU, you should automatically log into Tk20. If you get an error message, look it up on the Tk20 FAQ page.

For non SSO users, the legacy Tk20 login page can still be found at Your Tk20 username for this page is LastName_FirstName# (everything in front of the @ of your CSU email address).

Tk20 Resources, Tutorials, and Instructions

Roles in Tk20 provide very different user experiences.  Resources are provided below for different groups of people that may be looking for specific help.  For more general information, you can always use the documents found at Tk20's helpdesk site.  CSU uses version Tk20 version 8 (aka Graphite).

What is the primary role of faculty in Tk20?

Faculty are the primarily responsible for interacting with students and conducting assessments in Tk20.  Faculty will send assignments to students, set up links between TK20 and D2L, and complete observations.  Faculty can also be assigned as assessors for student portfolios and field experience binders.

Faculty Tutorials and Resources

Clinical Faculty and Site Staff Tutorials

Faculty Qualifications

Program Coordinator Tutorials

Program coordinators can do everything faculty can do but also will set up assignments, portfolios, and run reports in Tk20.   Program coordinators also configure rubrics for data collection and load standards and outcomes associated with their programs.

Tk20 Support Contact Information

Thomas Dailey
Tk20 Unit Administrator
(706) 507-8738

What is the primary role of Field Experience Administrators in Tk20?

Field Experience Administrators coordinate and create student placements for practicums, student teaching, internships, or residencies in Tk20. They are primarily responsible for ensuring all information for a student's field experience placement is correct and sending out field experience binders.

Field Experience Administrator Tutorials and Resources

Tk20 Support Contact Information

Thomas Dailey
Tk20 Unit Administrator
(706) 507-8738

Students needing Tk20 assistance should first go to the Tk20 student help page to see if the FAQ there can answer their questions. 

If the information can not help you resolve your issue, contact information for the Tk20 administrator can be found on that page.

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