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Urgent Message: 

LiveText will transition to Tk20 Summer 2016.


The College of Education and Health Professions’ recent assessment initiative, LiveText, is an assessment and accreditation data management system. The LiveText electronic portfolio is a quintessential tool provided for both students and faculty.

LiveText allows students to work more efficiently, communicate effortlessly, and grow academically. Benefits for students include:

  • Enhancing organization and productivity
  • Unlimited file storage capabilities
  • Accessing digital resources and course management tools
  • Creating a personalized electronic portfolio; thus, saving time and resources

In addition to the student benefits, LiveText will enable the faculty to collect and analyze course assignments and assessment data more efficiently. Benefits for faculty include:

  • Develop course-based key assessments
  • Easily track goals with custom rubrics, surveys, and course evaluations
  • Create comprehensive, clear reports that reflect the assessment process and assist in making meaningful course improvements
  • Create and maintain professional and personal e-Portfolios to showcase scholarly work, service to the institution, and professional achievements

LiveText also will allow the College of Education and Health Professions to access data for accreditation needs and to address program improvement issues in a timely manner. Selected benefits include:

  • Assessment planning features allow customizable reporting on program and college outcomes
  • Generate meaningful and useful data reports with aggregated summaries, as well as drill downs for detailed analysis, track program goals, and report annually on outcomes and goals for departments, programs, and majors
  • Design a customized ExhibitCenter™ showcasing assessment evidence and continuous improvement plans for accreditation
  • Supervisors and cooperating teachers can complete all field-based course requirements using the Field Experience Module.

As we proceed with the implementation of LiveText, ongoing college-wide training will be made available to all students and faculty to ensure a smooth transition.

We are excited about the upcoming academic year and look forward to working with you as we continue to improve your LiveText experience. If you have questions or would like additional information, feel free to contact our campus LiveText Coordinator, Saoussan Maarouf at

LiveText Support Contact Information

LiveText Coordinator
Dr. Saoussan Maarouf
LiveText Technical Support