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College of Education and Health Professions

Professional Education Unit Assessment Handbook
Educator Preparation Programs

The purpose of this Assessment Handbook is to document the professional education unit’s assessment system so that all professional education faculty members are aware of and understand the system in order to ensure full implementation of the system.

National Accreditation Steering Committee Revised Version (2017): Dr. Erinn Bentley, Dr. Jennifer Brown, Dr. Toni Franklin, Dr. Andrea Frazier, Dr. Deirdre Greer, Mr. Roger Hatcher, Dr. Ellen Martin, Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Dr. Deniz Peker, Dr. Margie Yates, and Ms. Jackie Adamczyk

The COEHP Assessment System and Unit Evaluation Committee acknowledges and thanks faculty from Coastal Carolina University for sharing their Professional Education Unit Assessment Handbook, which served as an inspiration and model for this handbook.

Handbook developed July 2011, Jan G. Burcham, Ph.D.

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