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College of Education and Health Professions

College of Education and Health Professions

Professional Education Unit Assessment Handbook

XII. College of Education and Health Professions Assessment System and Unit Evaluation Accreditation Steering Committee

The Assessment System and Unit Evaluation Committee is one of the standing committees in the COEHP. The committee chair is also the CAEP Coordinator [national accrediting agency] who is assisted by two assistant committee chairs, the Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation and the Teacher Education Program Chair.

Each year, the Dean provides the charge to each of the standing committees. Generally, the annual charge includes the following:

  • Review the Unit Assessment Plan and make recommendations for refinements or changes, as needed.
  • Review acceptable and target levels of CAEP Standard 2 [Clinical Partnerships and Practice] and report on progress of the unit.
  • Keep minutes of all committee meetings and post on the COEHP website.
  • Submit a summary report to the Dean, faculty, and partnerships (as appropriate) in the spring of each year.

Membership on the Assessment Committee consists of educator preparation faculty and as well as administrators. Additionally, collaborative partners (university faculty, P-12 personnel, candidates, community members) who can provide expertise and/or review and advice are asked by the committee to serve as needed.