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College of Education and Health Professions

Assessment and Accreditation Resource Materials

ED-PREP Accreditation and Reporting Agencies

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education -AACTE Bortner Data Initiative: Effective Use of Data (New Report)

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation - CAEP
Performance Indicators of CSU First Year Teachers AY 2018
Georgia's Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness Measure (TPPEM)

Georgia Professional Standards Commission / Preparation Approval Annual Report -GaPSC PAAR

Institution and Program Report Card - IPRC

Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC)

Title II - US Department of Education

CAEP Steering Committee
CAEP Steering Committee Lead Team and Committee Chairs

CAEP Committee Meeting Agenda and Timeline
Agenda October 20,2016
Revised Timeline October 20,2016

CAEP Committee Meeting Minutes
Minutes February 8, 2016
Minutes May 9, 2016

Documents / Booklets / Other Accreditation Resources
Three-Year Recruitment Plan (Fall 2018 through Summer 2021)   

GaPSC Guidance Document Teaching Initial and Service/Leader Advanced Programs
(Appendix C Spring Meeting Minutes)

10-26-17 Tk20 Usage Audit

10-17-17 CAEP Connections Fall Conference

10-17-17 LiveText Audit Sample for Upcoming Tk20 Proposed Audit

10-17-17 Guidance Document for Georgia Standards

5-1-17 GATEways to Teacher Education - Dispositions Article Phase I

5-1-17 MAP Revisions Survey 

5-1-17 Danielson Framework 111 Page Doc. 

Georgia Educators' Professional Behaviors and Dispositions Task Force  --Article Phase I

GaPSC Educator Preparation Newsletter, December 2016 "Teacher Shortages" and more...

GACE Newsletter -Validity Study

Intern Keys Validation Project Update (9-12-16)
An Evaluation of the Validity and Reliability of the Intern Keys Assessment

Intern Keys Assessment

CAEP / GaPSC Reminders

Part I: Guidelines for Course Critical Assessment

InTASC Booklet

CAEP Accreditation Resources
Standards and Evidence Reviews
Timeline for CAEP Work Spring 2016


CAEP Steering Committee, Agenda Section V - VIII, February 24, 2017

State Collaborative Dispositions Assessment Project

CAEP PowerPoint I

Assessment and Accreditation Reporting: Data Sources and Office Contacts